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Making Dreams Come True

Vtechgraphics LLC. (VTG) incorporated in 2007 is an Digital Preservation Service company. Providing the highest quality in digital restoration services. Preservation encompasses the activities which prolong the usable life of archival records. Digital publishing of photo event magazines are another value offered on a variety of subjects for our clients.   

Horace Dozier Sr.
Founder & Creative Director

Commercial Clients

Shango, Photography

City of Dayton, Consultation 

City of Miamisburg, Technical Service

Greene Tool Systems Inc., Photography

Dayton Hollywood Raceway, Construction Photography & Training Videos

Meyer Diary, Tip City Grand Opening, Photography

Dayton Metro Library "Main Event", Photography

Dayton Public Schools, Digital Archiving Service

Live RiverScape Hispanic Festival, Photography

Victoria Theatre Association, Photography for Catalogs

Turning a Vision into Reality

Preservation activities are designed to minimize the physical and chemical deterioration of records and to prevent the loss of informational content. Let Vtechgraphics restore your most cherished art work, documents and photographs.


Vtechgraphics LLC will provide superior photographic services and cost effective solutions for all of your corporate events. 

Juanita L Dozier
Co-Founder & Administrative Assistant

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

I'm confident in recommending the digital photographic and preservation services of Vtechgraphics LLC.

Tiffany Powell, Project Administrator
Dayton Public Schools
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